# you got this

The thought of going out on your own can be scary- especially when it comes to marketing yourself. Where do you start? How do you get the clients you want? I'm going to give you some tips and tricks that I've learned over the past year to get me my dream clientele and a full book the first month you start!

First of all, if you are currently in a salon that has a non-compete you have to respect that you signed a contract. For some of you, that means pretty much hitting the restart button which can be scary. Start with the easiest form of marketing- INSTAGRAM.

Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashag- Something I discovered is you can follow hashtags! A good way to get your name out there and on peoples feed is look at hashtags in your area and follow them. From there you can follow people that use those hashtags and even use them on your own page. Example; I worked in a salon in Westerville, they have a really cute uptown so I looked up the hashtag #uptownwesterville. If there are cute shops in the area that you know your ideal clientele would like, follow them! Hashtagging your own photos are also a great way to get people in your area looking at your pictures. unfortunately, the way that instagrams algorithm is set up- your hashtags have to be in your caption to work. If you don't want clientele the see the hashtags at first glance use the:




method to hide them.

Last thing I want to mention on this post is do your research, find the hashtags you think would be best for you and represents your work in the best way. compile a list of all the hashtags you want to use in your notes on your phone. Make sure you switch them up, that will also help bet the algorithm. Example; you wouldn't hashtag "blonde" on a picture of a brunette, make sure you pay attention to the small details like that, they are important!

These are just a few of my tips & tricks when it comes to using hashtags to find your dream clientele! I hope you enjoyed the read

with love, Courtnee